Thursday, April 24th, 2008

we can talk or not talk. for hours.

I’ll send you a new pair of shoes if you can name the movie of the quote above. The shoes are not new to me, but to you they would be new. Except that they are actually sandals. Oh, and I broke one last Saturday while at the Arboretum.

Anyway, the point of this post is about accents. Where would someone that doesn’t know you say you were from? Apparently, I’m from nowhere which is really about right. My accent is categorized as “Midland”, whatever that means. The eerie part about the description of my accent is that it mentions both the states in which I technically grew up. I found this quiz via Courtney. Reading her description though leads me to believe that the quiz isn’t exactly accurate because it basically says the same thing for the “Western” accent.

What American accent do you have?

Your Result: The Midland

“You have a Midland accent” is just another way of saying “you don’t have an accent.” You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.

The South
The West
The Northeast
The Inland North
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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2 Responses to “ we can talk or not talk. for hours. ”

  1. Shoebox Princess says:

    LOL! Best in Show! Jennifer Coolidge is great in that! Send me those broken sandals!

  2. Jen says:

    Of course, you would get it. Don’t think I won’t send you the lovely prize(s).

    Yes, Jennifer Coolidge is quite funny in that movie. I just have to add: We both love soup and snow peas.

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