Sunday, April 27th, 2008

the nationals

Making sure to get every possible D.C. activity in our schedule before we leave, we decided a Nationals game seemed appropriate. The Bells, Cheslers, and Parks also headed out to the ballgame with us. Trang works only blocks away from the new stadium and got to witness the construction from the ground up. She’s been itching to go since the grand opening.

Of course, our seats were high enough to see not only the game but also the passengers on commercial planes flying overhead. The Nats played the Cubs and won 5 to 3. It was fun to watch, but the other girls and I got a little bored a few innings into the game. Even Annie was asking if she could home and go to bed which is very rare for her.

Check out the pictures (how cool that I’m now able to include the galleries directly into the posts). There are captions below the thumbnails:

4 Responses to “ the nationals ”

  1. Shoebox Princess says:

    Cool W in the field! Yeah, I like baseball, but sometimes the games get a little yawn-worthy. Now, hockey is the game to go see in person!

    Oh, and go Twins.

  2. Jenni says:

    I also like to W in the field. I wonder if Trav could do an S in our yard. Do you think the neighbors would be impressed? I also like Mike’s t-shirt!! Looked like a fun evening!!

  3. Jen says:

    It’s funny that you both mention the W because I kept wondering how they did it so perfectly. Did they have a big W stencil? Or did it just take a lot of practice to get it right?

    Sara-I’m not much into sports and sitting through an entire game of any sort. That is unless it was a game of gymnastics, dancing, or some other artistic “sport”.

    Jen-Yes, the S would a nice touch to your yard. I don’t think people would be able to see it though unless they were way up high.

  4. Shoebox Princess says:

    Paul once mowed his name in our yard. He was pretty pleased with himself.

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