Saturday, January 31st, 2009

fishy but it’s her fault

Last night Mimi’s school took part in a fish fry. Each year the Catholic elementary school that Mimi’s preschool is connected to (but not officially affiliated with) has a fish fry fundraiser to help raise funds for the school. Mimi’s school was invited to participate in their program. They sang a few songs such as “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and “B-I-N-G-O”. Mimi really looked like she was enjoying herself and has quite a rhythm for dancing. I must say, however, that this was the first school-related function that I’ve been to where they offered beer and wine.

It’s been almost a year that Mimi has been potty-trained. {Hooray for her!} She had a lot of accidents in the beginning, especially at nighttime. Many mornings the sheets would be wet, or she’d have a couple of #2’s in her pants. Mimi never seemed to mind. We’d go back to putting the “nighttime panties” on her because I was tired of dealing with washing sheets so often. She did eventually show us she could keep her gear dry for several nights in a row. It’s been several months without any accidents accept for the occasional “she drank too much liquid before bed” dilemma, and we’ll find her sheets wet. However, those really are rare now.

A couple of months ago we started letting Lucy sleep with Mimi on the bottom bunk. Of course, Mimi has been ecstatic about this, but Lucy does sometimes sneak back downstairs after a few minutes. The girls usually wake up plenty early enough for school and then wake me up, so I usually won’t see their bedroom until it’s dressing time. The other morning I noticed that Mimi’s sheets had a large puddle right where her bottom would lay. Before I could say anything about it, Mimi announced, “Look, Lucy peed on my bed last night!” My response was, “Oh, really! Are you sure it was Lucy who did that, Mimi?” After a few seconds of me staring her down Mimi finally confessed, “Ok, it was me.” I can’t believe she had to audacity to blame her accident on Lucy. As much as I’m willing to blame Lucy for something, I just knew I couldn’t let her take the fall for this.

3 Responses to “ fishy but it’s her fault ”

  1. Shoebox Princess says:

    What a little sneaky girl! Who can also levitate, it seems!

    She is a cutie pie in her caterpillar sweatshirt. Did Mike go? I can just see him grooving to “He’s Got the Whole World.”

  2. Janet says:

    This is what I have to look forward too, huh? I can totally see Christopher blaming Rustee for things in the future. But seriously, that’s too cute. At least she confessed… can never get mad at that!

  3. Jenni says:

    Maybe Lulcy cut the the Barbie’s hair, too…

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