Sunday, November 20th, 2011


Now that the weather is taking a turn for the cold (it got down to 2 degrees last night) we have been staying closer to home base. The girls have been wanting to go to the Lanes, the local bowling alley, since we’ve moved here. We finally had a quiet enough weekend to go check it out. There is a restaurant attached, and we ate there before the games began. There are only 8 lanes, but after about a half hour we were the only ones there. This was a relief to us because it allowed Violet to run amok without getting in other bowlers’ ways. The bowling attendant, aka the bartender, was nice enough to set up the bumpers (or drain pipe) for the girls, and Mike and I got our own lane without bumpers. The girls had a lot a fun, and no teeth were broken in the process.

I almost forgot to point out that the girls are only wearing their socks because the shoe selection was either very small toddler size or started at youth size 3.

Violet even got to bowl her entire 10 frames with a little help from her big sisters.

But mostly she just did this. Notice what looks like flapping arms.

In other news, it’s apparently not very exciting to go shopping for space heaters at Walmart.

Speaking of which, now that I’ve got a space heater in the den expect that I’ll be posting more often on the blog because my fingers no longer break off like icicles while trying to type in our frosty den.

4 Responses to “ townsfolk ”

  1. Jenni Smith says:

    Bowling is a really fun family activity, I will agree. I am hoping to see more posts soon. I even posted today, maybe that is why it got so cold there!! ha ha ha ha ha…

  2. Cheryl says:

    We still have never gone bowling with the girls. We really need to do that.

  3. Shoebox Princess says:

    Bowling! Oh, fer fun! Where is the bowling alley in your little town?

    I love the looks of “extreme joy” on the faces of the girls while shopping for a space heater.

  4. Julie says:

    How funny that they had to bowl in socks. Gotta love a small town. I am happy that no one broke a tooth this time and that you picked up some space heaters. I crank my heat to 74 all winter and still put a space heater in the computer room.

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