Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

birthday man

Mike isn’t one to want a celebration showered all over him, but I can’t just let his birthday pass by without some observance. A cake was baked, and Mike was very pleased that I previously took note of his fondness for red velvet with cream cheese frosting. However, when I told him I had a dinner of leftovers planned, he vetoed that idea and asked if we could go to Brookings for something “a little classier” for his birthday. Apparently, even Mike has his expectations for his birthday. We drove through Brookings deciding to go back to the place we had already passed that I had seen on a previous drive-by but happened to pass what looked like a quaint, little bistro called Old Market. It actually turned out to be quite a splendid, little spot that has interesting architectural and design elements that Mike and I would like to apply to our future home one day. We had a nice meal and then went straight home to have some cake.

There is nothing special about the cake. Like I said before, Mike’s latest favorite has been red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and that’s exactly what he got.


The candles I could have sworn were somewhere in the house could not be located, so I had to improvise. The Febreze Flameless Luminary did the trick!

All smiles with Daddy!

Mike has requested this for his birthday present. Anyone want to knit him one?

Happy Birthday, Mike! I hope all your wishes come true.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Thanks for a great birthday and a wonderful family.
    Concerned Citizen

  2. Shoebox Princess says:

    I LOVE THE FEBREZE FLAMELESS LUMINARY! I am still laughing! And I actually was going to call you this afternoon because when I was talking to Mike while he was driving home, he mentioned hoping there would be cake, specifically red velvet. But you obviously know him very well and made sure he had what he wanted. I can’t wait to see him in that knitted…thing.

    Two years from now, that old man will be 40! (I know what he wants to do for his 40th birthday celebration! Hint: not opera)

  3. Dennis says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! I don’t know what that orange thing is but I am certain that Mike would wear it. The cake looks great and such a imaginative “candle”.

  4. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday Mike! I love the birhday candle and I do hope to see all 5 of you dressed as giant cheese puffs the next time I see you. I think that might be the best family costume ever. Get to work Jen.

  5. Jenni says:

    Loving the cheese puff!! I’ll get right on that. (Please don’t take that last comment seriously) I think if we just improvised the sock monkey pattern…

    Looks like a delicious cake, and a very safe candle. I think that is the only time in his life that Mike and fire were safe. Happy Birthday to Mike. I remember when he was born. Aunt Dorothy told us to go to sleep many times as we waited to hear word of a new baby.

  6. Micah Geary says:

    I cracked a smile and can’t stop giggling about his Birthday wish! I can only imagine you two on the couch during your long South Dakota winters. Who knows you might want one in pink!

  7. Micah Geary says:

    Have you rented Atlas Shrugged Part 1? It is very abbreviated, but entertaining because the book was – Jason might have been a little lost. You can even buy an exact replica of the bracelet!! Wish we were close so we could watch it together, more fun than Twilight!

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