Sunday, April 1st, 2012

eggs for sale

Now that we’re averaging 12-13 eggs a day, we figured it was probably time to take it to the next level and start selling our surplus of eggs. Mike and the girls took the first step the other night a made up a sign to put out to let passersby know. The girls have been diligent about putting it out each day after school and taking it down each night before bed. So far no customers from the street have purchased eggs from the girls, but they did have a certain grandma and neighbor buy some. After Annie had gymnastics on Friday Mike took her around town with a few dozen eggs to see if they could sell them or set up future customers. They did end up selling one dozen. Mike is going to have Annie do that again next Friday to see what happens. I also made up some flyers for the girls to pass out.

Here the girls are painting the sign with Daddy. I stenciled the letters on there for them.

It was pretty much pitch black outside by the time the girls were able to paint the letters on it, so they needed some additional lighting via the flashlight. Mimi couldn’t resist being silly.

All ready for business.

When I came out to take pictures of the sign making process this is the sunset that greeted me. Absolutely stunning!

6 Responses to “ eggs for sale ”

  1. Jenni says:

    Good luck with the business venture. Poor little Vi looks so forlorn out there waiting for someone to come and buy her eggs. AND THE SUNSET!!!!! Amazing! I can’t wait to come and visit!

  2. LeShel says:

    That sunset is gorgeous. Wish I could buy me some eggs and check out that sunset.

  3. Shoebox Princess says:

    That sunset is amazing! Love the birdie sitting on the building too.

    Good luck with the egg venture. Next time I visit, I’ll bring some monies for to purchase me some eggies.

    Mimi looks like she’s ready to tell a ghost story.

    Say hi to Bernice for me.

  4. Julie says:

    Nice sunset shot! I have to admit that life on the farm looks charming! Love the shot of Vi by the roadside sign. I hope your farm girls are able to capitalize after all their chicken chores.

  5. Micah Geary says:

    Beautiful picture and I love the girls jackets! I hope that the girls find some good regular customers.

  6. Maggie Roe says:

    I would ABSOLUTELY buy your eggs, especially at only $2.50 per dozen. We have a few farmers around town (hard to find in Atlanta, honestly) and what started out as $3.00 a dozen two years ago is now up to $4.50 a dozen. But, they are the best tasting eggs ever! Only problem is that they are too fresh to hard boil. Did you know that? One farmer told me that. The fresher the egg, the more likely the shell will stick. That’s why grocery store eggs boil better. They’ve been on the shelf and in transit for a while.

    Good luck! And I love the peg board pot rack. It’s perfect!

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