Monday, April 2nd, 2012

project cookware

Once all of my kitchen things were unpacked and put away I realized I still had the box of recipes books to put away. However, the cabinets were pretty stuffed as they were, and I didn’t see how I could find space for all those books. Now the box sits open in the den, and I will periodically root through it to find the recipe book I need. Not ideal, I know.

After a couple of months of this I decided we needed to come up with a solution. My first idea was to get a pot shelf/rack to hang on the wall behind/above the stove. Even Mike was on board with this. When it came time to think about how to implement the plan Mike was worried that our plaster wall was not up to the challenge of taking on a heavy pot rack/shelf loaded with heavy pots/pans. Back to square one. Then while flipping through an Everyday Day with Rachael Ray magazine at work I found my answer. There was an article featuring cookware pegboards made popular by Julia Child long ago. The one in the article was painted a funky color and definitely inspired me. I showed Mike the idea, and, surprisingly, he agreed that we should do it.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and I finally got the chance to complete this task. I went on Saturday to Menard’s to get all the supplies and ran into a few problems. After a few phone calls to Mike and chewing out 16-year-old Menard’s employees, I finally left the store a satisfied customer. I spray painted the pegboard and planks that needed to hang behind the pegboard and then waited patiently for it all to dry. At last the project is complete, and I am thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Here is the pegboard in all its glory. There have been a couple of changes/additions since this picture was snapped due to a couple of dirty dishes. Just envision an extra rubber spatula and set of tongs. I originally hadn’t intended to put all my cooking utensils up there, but I figured I had plenty of room so why not. The only thing I don’t like is that it exposes the end of the torn, green backsplash on the right. The pegboard also had to be a little off-center because of where the studs were located.

As Mike was drilling in the last screw he declared that this is the last project that I’m allowed to do for this house. {Snicker.}

7 Responses to “ project cookware ”

  1. Shoebox Princess says:

    Ooooo, I likey! It looks very organized and best of all, HANDY! You should paint “The last project I am allowed to do in this house” across the top. To remind you…to laugh at it.

  2. LeShel says:

    love it. I like the color. Wish you could walk through my house and add dashes of color and happiness.

  3. Jenni says:

    I like it. And it isn’t like it changed the structure of the kitchen – it just make it livable and workable for you. So , it isn’t really a change. right?

  4. Julie says:

    That looks so much more convenient than my pan cupboard where I can never find what I want without frustration or injury. I am surprised, my techy friend that you still own cookbooks. Get those recipes filed online girl. Love the wall though and that is definitely a Jen color.

    As for the last project thing….tell Mike he has bought his last piece of farm equipment/farm animal and see who lasts longer. I love that you are making the place your own.

  5. Micah Geary says:

    I agree with Julie on what to tell Mike! Love the pegboard!

  6. Erin says:

    Also agreeing with Julie 🙂 Everytime George says, oh, you bought more yarn, oh you bought fabric, another book????? I just remind him of his
    vehicles, equipment, guns….suddenly all is quiet and he smiles realizes my indulgences cost a fraction of his 🙂 Harmony, restored!

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    […] beginning to think reverse psychology works really well on me. If you remember in my post about the kitchen pegboard, Mike declared “no more projects for the house”. This statement lit a fire within me […]

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