Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

diamond is a girl’s best friend

Mimi has been very happy and giddy these days, and it’s because she has a new friend. Her name is Diamond, and we purchased her for Mimi last week. Diamond is an Blue Roan American Paint (blue roan refers to her color). She is 17 years old. I was a little iffy about getting such an “old” horse, but I’ve been assured by several sources that that’s a perfect age for a child just starting riding horses. In the meantime, Diamond is staying where she has been, at the horse farm down the street. It’s where Mimi has her riding lessons, so it just makes more sense to keep Diamond there until at least after the 4-H County Horse Show in June.

Meet Diamond. This is the second time Mimi had ridden Diamond. Mike really wanted to make sure that she and Mimi got along. She was quite stubborn with Mimi the first time she rode her, and Mimi came home a bit disappointed. But by the second ride, Mimi was all smiles and declared that Diamond is her “best friend in the whole wide world”.
Mimi's new horse Diamond

Diamond is still sporting her winter coat, so her blue roan color hasn’t quite emerged yet. Can you guess why Diamond was given that particular name? Hint: Look at her left side.
Mimi's new horse Diamond

I’m pretty sure Mimi would brush Diamond for hours each day if given the chance.
Mimi's new horse Diamond

I think Diamond should have instead been named Polka Dot.
Mimi's new horse Diamond

On Saturday Mimi was invited for a trail ride by her teacher and seller of the horse. Can you tell that Mimi was a little excited? (Ugh, sorry for the poor quality of these indoor shots. These are from my phone.)
Mimi rides Diamond

Mimi and her best friend in the whole wide world!
Mimi loves Diamond

Here is Mimi practicing riding Diamond before the trail ride.

Mimi has increased her riding lessons to two days a week, and her teacher also said she plans to take Mimi on lots of trail rides throughout the summer to get her used to riding by herself. Mimi is beyond happy and immediately wants to go visit Diamond and do horse chores each day when she gets home from school. How can I transfer that excitement to the other chores that she needs to do?

In other news, Annie has finally found a way to keep herself busy.

4 Responses to “ diamond is a girl’s best friend ”

  1. Shoebox Princess says:

    Mimi looks very happy! She’ll be a riding pro in no time.

    The video of Annie on the seesaw is hilarious! Boxes of stuff make excellent friends to play with!

  2. Jenni says:

    Congratulations to Mimi on her new best friend. I hope Diamond shares in the joy. I’m sure if Mimi is there everyday with treats and brushes that their friendship will blossom!

    And Annie’s new friend is also interesting. I feel that they will get to be buddies this summer…

  3. Julie says:

    Lucky, lucky girl! With Mimi’s love of horses, I suppose this was inevitable. She just seems to have come wired for farm life. She could not look any happier. I love horses (but do not like any other animals, as you know) and went to Equestrian Camp every summer where you get to borrow a horse for a month, but I can’t even imagine having my own horse. I am so excited to see her follow this journey.

  4. Dennis says:

    I’m sure Mimi is beyond happy. This is a dream come true for a lover of horses like Mimi. I love Annie’s creativeness. Farm life sure works for them.

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