Thursday, May 15th, 2014

all kidding aside

With much anticipation, the kidding day finally arrived on May 7th! In case you’re wondering, kidding is goat speak for mama goat is having a baby, yo! Or three babies in Sugar Cookie’s case. Sugar Cookie’s official due date was May 9th, and the breeder warned us that Nigerian Dwarf goats tend to go about a week early. This means this paranoid newbie started freaking out around two weeks early.

I read up on all the preparation we needed to make which was ‘be waiting with a towel’. Hmmm…can’t you give you a girl a little more help than that? The breeder wasn’t much help either. She said she just kind of ~knows~ when they are ready, but gave us some obscure things to look for like her tail gets mushy. Ok, both goats’ tails always feel mushy to me. Not helpful. Then another “helpful” tip was that mama will start holding her tail up. Well, as far as I can tell they both keep their tails up. All. The. Time. So we basically just started stalking Sugar Cookie every hour on the hour for the week leading up to her due date. Of course, we’d have to go places and be away for hours. I was certainly willing to skip church to stay by Sugar Cookie’s side. Mike not only didn’t want me to do that, but then we drove to IOWA to buy a horse trailer. I was a bit nervous that day, to say the least.

We really didn’t notice any change in Sugar until Wednesday where she had a bad case of the burps in the afternoon. That lady seriously could’ve won a belching contest. So I went with it and started to prep myself for the big event. Then by nightfall she really started getting vocal constantly crying out. I really started panicking. I went back out to check on her after we got the kids in bed. Right as I stepped up to the gate I could see Sugar’s hiney had something “stringy” hanging from it. I went in to tell Mike. Mike wasn’t feeling well and went right to bed, but he requested a video of it. Just what everyone wants to see, a video close-up of goat butt! However, as I was a recording I noticed she was pushing. It was around 10 p.m. I ran in to show/tell Mike, and he said I better get out there. I changed into grubby clothes, grabbed some old t-shirts, water, flashlight, etc. and got back outside about 20 minutes later. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Sugar had had all three of her kids. Unfortunately, one was still wrapped in the sac and looked to be dead already. I quickly tried to free it’s head, but I was too late. I went to get Mike to help me. He overcame his illness long enough to be the proud papa and take in all the baby goatness with me.

Here’s right after Sugar had her babies.

Doesn’t she look like she’s smiling?

The next day I got some better pictures, and thankfully mama had been working hard to clean up her babies. Although the black was awfully gooey that first night, and it took a few days until she was all cleaned up. After another day I finally got brave enough to check for the sex of each. They are both boys, called bucks.

The black and white one has been claimed by Mimi, and she named him Junior.

As you can see they are quite small only weighing about 2-5 pounds at birth. About the size of small cat and definitely perfect for cuddling with.

The black one is named Tutankhamun, or King Tut for short. He belongs to Annie. Apparently, Violet has to wait until the next batch to get her claim. The third kid was pure white like mama );

Despite being a new mama, Sugar Cookie took to motherhood right away and showers her babies with love, and they nurse on her like champs.
IMG_0774.jpgSugar Cookie's Babies born 05/07/14

And here they are today 1 week later, well-adjusted and bouncy like little bunnies.

You can count on more goat baby pictures and videos throughout the summer. And just think we’ll get to do this all over again with Nougat when she kids. Today we had to disbud the kids. This means we had to burn off their horns before they grow in. I know it sounds just horrible, but it’s for the good of everyone. Horns can get caught in fences/gates causing a goat to get injured or die, or they can hurt other goats, animals, or people with them (they sure do like to butt others). 4-H also requires de-horned goats in order to show at the fair. It’s best to just nip it in the bud right away (or 4-10 days after birth). Ha, did you see what I did there?

5 Responses to “ all kidding aside ”

  1. Helen Knowles says:

    Did you have any idea when you moved that you’d be tending newborn goats? What an adventure your family s having. Thanks for sharing your life on a farm adventures with us.

  2. Shoebox Princess says:

    THOSE BABIES ARE SO DANG CUTE! I love the video of them bouncing around. The girls named them well.

  3. Julie says:

    They are so cute, and so small…you can really see that when they are bouncing around with the cats. Alyssa was very sad that the mama goat was crying over her lost little one, but it looks like she is giving plenty of love to the two that are left. When I see how much animal mamas love their kids (literally in this case) it always makes me feel guilty for having a dog that once had a mama and sisters. I wonder how long they mourn for their lost little ones. Forever? I hope not. I hope they forget.

  4. Jenni says:

    So much cuteness – I can’t stand it!! They seem so happy to be alive!! Would that we could all be like that, everyday!!

  5. courtney says:

    So beautiful! Life is always a miracle! Sorry she lost one. The two you do have are super cute! We need to come visit…soon!

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