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This page is dedicated to our sweet Annie. She was born on August 23, 2003 and weighed in at 5 lb., 11 oz. This page will mainly be to post pictures of Annie, but I may add a few anecdotes from time to time.

annies new
Annie - New to the World

annies 1 mo
Annie's 1st Month
annies 2 mo
Annie's 2nd Month

annies 3 mo
Annie's 3rd Month

annies 4 mo
Annie's 4th Month

annie 5 mos
Annie's 5th Month

annie 6 mos
Annie's 6th Month

annie 7 mos
Annie's 7th Month
annies 8 mos
Annie's 8th Month

9th month
Annie's 9th Month

Annies 10th month
Annie's 10th Month
annies 11th month
Annie's 11th Month
Annie's 12 Month
Annie's 12th Month
Annie's 13th Month
Annie's 13th Month
Annie's 14th Month
Annie's 14th Month
Annies 15th month
Annie's 15th Month
Annies 16 Month
Annie's 16th Month
Annies 17th Month
Annie's 17th Month
Annie's 18th Month
Annie's 18th Month